Watercress and elderflower martini


  • 1 bag watercress from any supermarket

  • 4 lime wedges

  • 10ml Belvoir organic elderflower cordial

  • 40ml Tanqueray gin

  • 15ml Martini and Rossi Extra Dry Vermouth

  • Fresh watercress leaves as garnish


The peppery watercress flavour in this twist on a classic Martini is perfectly complemented by the sweet, floral flavour of the elder-flower.

Take a large handful of watercress and muddle with the lime and elder-flower cordial to release the flavours.
Add some ice and the remaining ingredients. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled martini glass, then garnish with fresh watercress leaves. Serve immediately.
Any watercress leftover can be used for your smoothie the next morning: the perfect hangover cure!

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