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All-time top ten watercress recipes


No need to go hunting through the site for the all time most popular watercress recipes - they are all here in one place. Don’t forget to checkout the current top ten as well, but if you’re in the market for a reliable watercress recipe, you’re in the right place.


Classic watercress sauce

By far our most popular recipe, this simple sauce can add an extra dimension to a huge variety of dishes and is the go-to watercress recipe



Quick and easy watercress soup

Packed with flavour, and super easy to make in double quick time.



Watercress pesto

The ideal accompaniment to pasta and a host of other dishes, this pesto has a strong peppery taste with less bitterness and in-your-face pungency than a traditional basil one.



Watercress and pea risotto

Fresh taste with a silky consistency, its a satisfying bowl of food for very little effort.



Watercress oil

Brings a fresh zesty flavour and smell to salads and soups. Adds dramatic colour and vibrancy.



Watercress dip

Fantastic in crudités ( a plate of vegetable cut in strips ), prawns, bread sticks, cheese twist and so on.



Watercress, mango and pineapple smoothie

Our definitive smoothie. Highly nutritious, tasty and packed with energy to help you win the race whether its work or play.



Watercress omelette

Probably the fastest cooked dish you can make with watercress. Simple but satisfying with a slight crunch and a peppery finish. Great for a quick summer lunch.



Lose weight with watercress soup

The best recipe to lose weight with the aid of watercress.



Power balls

These can be eaten as a snack when you feel a bit low on energy. Low in sugar that comes from the dates, they are a much healthier option.


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