Alex Reid fighting fit with watercress

Alex Reid fighting fit with watercress

Alex Reid fighting fit with watercress

Following a double hip operation after years of combat, Alex Reid, actor and Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) became part of our Watercress Ambassador Programme using watercress as part of a diet aimed at promoting his recovery.Now, firmly on the mend and working on his fitness regime Alex takes particular care about his diet. He was delighted to be asked to add more watercress to his menu as he had heard about how nutritious it is and the associated health benefits, in particular the fact that it can help to prevent DNA damage and aid recovery after exercise. Alex talks about the different ways he has used watercress in his daily diet in the video below and you can find out more about watercress in sport here.

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10 Facts about Alex Reid

  1. Alex was born in Aldershot, Hampshire and was one of six children

  2. His dad, Bob was a paratrooper and Alex signed up for Territorial Army

  3. Alex began his career as an actor and has appeared in Hollyoaks, My Hero, The Hotel and the James Bond Film Tomorrow Never Dies

  4. Reid started taking part in Kung Fu, and karate-style tournaments from around the age of 14. Next, he participated in Cage Rage, BAMMA, and UCMMA before making his professional mixed martial arts debut in 2000

  5. His stage name for the MMA circuit was The Reidernater

  6. In 1998 Alex competed in the game show Gladiators

  7. Alex took part in a Halloween special of Come Dine with Me and served up sun-dried caterpillars and curried crickets to his guests! They didn’t go down well but are now increasingly popular for their protein content

  8. Alex won the final Channel 4 series of Celebrity Big Brother in 2010

  9. Alex has taken part in 22 MMA professional fights, no wonder he eats watercress!

  10. He was married to Katie Price and has a daughter, Dolly with Chantelle Houghton. Today Alex is engaged to Nikki Minashe

  11. Alex is focusing on his acting career, currently in a number of theatre productions, as well as having a regular column in Muscle Fitness Magazine and being a celebrity fitness trainer

To find out about Alex’s upcoming projects why not follow him here on Twitter  or Instagram


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