6-a-day smoothie

Prep time: 30 minutes Makes: 4


  • 200g frozen raspberries

  • 200g frozen mango

  • 200g frozen pineapple

  • 1 x 85g bag watercress plus 100g frozen pineapple

  • 200g frozen mixed berries

  • 200g diced beetroot, frozen

  • 300g-500g Greek yoghurt

  • Water

  • Fruit and cocktail sticks to garnish


Set up a high speed blender or smoothie maker. You will need 6 bowls or Tupperware containers, one for each layer of the smoothie. The fruit needs to be frozen so that the blended mixture is firm enough to allow for nice clear layers, if the smoothie mixtures are too runny then they it will be difficult to layer them up in the glass effectively.

Place your frozen raspberries into the blender and add a good spoonful of Greek yoghurt along with a splash of water. Blend on high power until smooth, adding a touch more yoghurt and water if necessary. Pour into a bowl and keep chilled until needed. Wash the bowl of your blender thouroughly before moving on to the next layer.

Repeat with the ingredients for the other layers, ensuring that the blender is cleaned between each layer. Once you have all your fruit blended up and in separate containers then you are ready to build your smoothie.

Take four highball glasses and get your bowls of smoothie mixture ready. Use a spoon to carefully layer up the different smoothie flavours in your glasses in any order you like, making sure you clean the spoon between each different flavour so that the colours stay nice and bright. Take four cocktail sticks and thread them with some small pieces of fruit to create little kebabs, then place them on top of each glass. Serve your smoothies immediately with a brightly coloured smoothie straw.

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