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Is watercress good for weight loss?

Sophie PeelComment
Is watercress good for weight loss?

Watercress contains many different wonderful compounds and micro nutrients that support weight loss and athletic performance.

In terms of performance, one of the main benefits of watercress is its ability to help prevent DNA damage and lipid peroxidation (damage to cell tissues and muscles) caused by exercise. Exercise, whether its lifting weights, jogging, a Pilates class or even running for the bus, puts stress on the body which causes DNA damage. This results in a higher number of toxic free radicals and the hormone cortisol to be released. Both these processes severely slow the weight loss process and can even reverse the effect of exercise as too much cortisol (stress hormone) and toxins caused by exercise can make our body put on fat around the mid-section, especially in response to a prolonged stressful environment. By helping eliminate and minimise DNA damage watercress can aid our weight loss journey tremendously.


That’s the science bit!  On a more basic level, watercress is virtually calorie free and so as part of a calorie controlled diet not only adds a deliciously peppery flavour to a meal, adds no calories but does provide many vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals the body needs, especially when perhaps eating less.

Watercress is a nutritional powerhouse containing over 50 vital vitamins and minerals and gram for gram contains more calcium than milk, more folate than bananas, more Vitamin C than oranges and more Vitamin E than broccoli.  It also contains high levels of, amongst others, Vitamin A, iron, vitamin K and fibre which aids gut health.


This combination of goodness is what has made a simple watercress soup almost legendary as a slimming aid – healthy, delicious and easy to make, celebrities such as Liz Hurley have sworn by the watercress soup diet for decades.

“I swear by this and drink at least six cups a day when eager to lose a few pounds” – Liz Hurley


Of course we can’t guarantee you’ll look like Liz Hurley if you follow this version of the Watercress Soup Diet but it really can help you lose a stone in six weeks and if you are as dedicated as our star dieter, you could even lose as much as 3.5 stone!

It has been designed by leading UK nutritionist, Sarah Schenker specifically to help participants lose the maximum amount of weight considered to be safe for health in a six week period. It is a balanced diet and provides all the essential nutrients needed to keep healthy.

However, even if you’re not actively looking to slim, include Liz’s watercress soup recipe as part of your regular recipe repertoire to give yourself a healthy, nutritious boost and it certainly won’t do any harm to your figure!.

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