Tuna sweetcorn pasta with watercress sauce

Tuna sweetcorn pasta with watercress sauce

Calories: 453  Preparation: 5 mins  Cooking: 10 mins  Serves: 4


85g bag watercress, roughly chopped

250g pasta bows

200g can tuna in brine

326g can sweetcorn

200g tub crème fraiche

50g Cheddar cheese, grated

Freshly ground black pepper


Cook the pasta bows following packet instructions.

Drain the tuna and sweetcorn and mix them together in a bowl, taking care not to break up the tuna too much.

Stir the watercress into the crème fraiche with most of the grated Cheddar and season with black pepper.

When the pasta is cooked, drain and return to the pan, off the heat.  Stir in the watercress sauce immediately and stir well enough to allow the cheese to melt.  Carefully add the tuna and sweetcorn and serve the pasta in bowls, sprinkled with the remaining Cheddar.

Fat: 10g  Saturated Fat: 5g  Carbohydrate: 68g  Protein: 26g  Fibre: 3g  Salt: 1.08g

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