Smoked haddock and watercress soup

Calories: 529  Preparation: 5 mins  Cooking: 5 mins  Serves: 4


  • One quantity homemade or fresh shop bought watercress soup

  • 4 x 150g pieces naturally dyed smoked haddock, skinned

  • 450ml full fat milk

  • 2 tbsp chopped chives


In a shallow pan, poach the haddock in the milk for 4-5 minutes or until cooked. Take out and flake into warmed bowls. Ladle the soup around the fish, sprinkle over the chives and serve immediately.

To make a more substantial dish, boil 450g new potatoes until tender, cool and slice then place under the haddock before assembling.

Fat: 29g Saturated Fat: 17g Carbohydrate: 29g Protein: 40g Fibre: 5g Salt: 4.11g

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