The super salad

Outstanding Nutrition

  • Amazing boost for your workout
  • A daily detoxifier
  • Improving all-body wellness

Outstanding Nutrition

Amazing Boost

Natural nitrates found in watercress improve oxygen supply in your blood to improve Vo2 Max (maximal oxygen uptake) a great indicator of aerobic fitness. Nitrate-rich foods such as watercress can also help to lower blood pressure


Our bodies naturally detox every day and amino acids in watercress turn fat soluble toxins in our bodies into water soluble so you can easily remove them


The peppery compound in watercress called isothiocyanate (ITC) protects the skin from UV damaging and premature aging. Watercress contains nutrients associated with the maintenance of normal vision and eye health including vitamin A, vitamins C and E, alpha-linolenic acid and caroteniods lutein and zeaxanthin and beta-carotene.


Outstanding Recipes

  • Recipes from start to end of the day
  • Snacks on the go
  • Hero ingredient

Outstanding Recipes

Recipes for the whole day

From a nutrient –boosting breakfast, simple, quick and tasty lunches to delicious dinners, watercress is a great ingredient to add flavour to any meal. Great cooked, it’s at maximum nutrient peak eaten raw, fresh and daily.

Snacks on the go

Whether in training, as on-the-go fuel for an event, as part of a healthy lunch watercress is perfect for snacking. Low calorie, high protein and fibre full, a handful of watercress takes any sandwich, wrap or bento box to the next level! Power up with watercress on the move.

Hero ingredient

Watercress is great in a salad, perfect nutritional boost in a smoothie and makes a delicious soup. Use watercress in a range of dishes and can be a tasty alternative to spinach or kale. Try it in a stir fry, chopped into mashed potato or added to an omelette


Outstanding Story

  • Grown in mineral rich spring water
  • A Journey from the farm to to your fridge
  • Grown in harmony with the environment

Outstanding Story

Grown in mineral rich spring water

Ancient and mineral rich, watercress is grown in pure spring water so clean you can drink it at source! Rainfall slowly permeates and filters through the chalk downs of Dorset and Hampshire into a natural underground aquifer. From here faults in the rock allow this pure water to flow out as springs and nurture watercress beds

A Journey from the farm to to your fridge

To gain maximum nutritional value, it’s important to eat watercress fresh, ideally on the day you buy it.

Grown in harmony with the environment

Watercress farms provide a unique habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. With many farms being located in or near areas of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) our duty as farmers is to support, protect and encourage


Outstanding Salad

  • High in Vitamin K, A & C
  • Antioxidants
  • Cruciferous detox

Outstanding Salad

High in Vitamin K, A & C

Watercress contains an impressive number of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients to deliver a powerful body boost. Rich in vitamin A and vitamin C,watercress is a good source of folate, calcium, iron and vitamin E. It also contains useful amounts of vitamin K, thiamin, vitamin B6, potassium and iodine and is naturally low in sodium


Harmful free radicals in the body can be increased by infection, pollution, cigarette smoke, alcohol and ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure. Antioxidants found in watercress help to protect cells by “mopping up” free radicles before they cause cell and tissue damage

Cruciferous detox

High intensity exercise increases demand on the body for energy which in turn can actually damage DNA. Eating small amounts of watercress before exercise can repair this damage, delivering the full workout benefits.