The super salad

Outstanding Story

Grown in mineral rich spring water

Ancient and mineral rich, watercress is grown in pure spring water so clean you can drink it at source! Rainfall slowly permeates and filters through the chalk downs of Dorset and Hampshire into a natural underground aquifer. From there faults in the rock allow this pure water to flow out as springs and nurture the watercress beds.

A Journey from the farm to to your fridge

In the UK we harvest every morning from watercress beds that were built over a century ago, arriving on the shelves of 4500 supermarkets nationwide less than 24 hrs later. To gain maximum nutritional value, it is important to eat watercress fresh, ideally on the day you buy it.

Grown in harmony with the environment

Watercress farms provide a unique habitat for a wide variety of wildlife in and around the beds. With many farms being located in or near areas of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) our duty as farmers is to support, protect and encourage the relationship with nature.