The super salad

Outstanding Recipes

Recipes for the whole day

From a nutrient–boosting brunch, simple snack, quick and tasty lunch or delicious dinner, watercress is a great ingredient to add flavour to any meal. For the maximum nutrient hit eat watercress uncooked, fresh and daily.

Snacks on the go

Whether in training, as on-the-go fuel for an event or as part of a healthy lunch, watercress is perfect for snacking. Low calorie, high in protein and full of fibre, a handful of watercress takes any sandwich, wrap, salad or bento box to the next level! Power up with watercress on the move.

Hero ingredient

Watercress is great as the leading leaf in any salad, the perfect nutritional boost in a smoothie or a delicious soup. Use watercress in a range of dishes or as a tasty alternative to spinach or kale, preserving all the goodness with no need for cooking. Try it added right at the end of stir fry, chopped into mashed potato or added to an omelette.