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Q : Where does watercress grow in the UK?

A : Although historically watercress was grown all around the country, the vast majority of all UK watercress production now exists in the counties of Hampshire (known as the Watercress Capital of the World) and Dorset.

Q : Can I grow watercress at home?

It is possible to grow a small amount of watercress in potting compost at home. Watercress grown in ponds or stagnant water should never be consumed as it may pose a risk to health.

Q : Where can I buy watercress seeds?

All your questions answered here about seed sales

Q : When is watercress in season?

The UK watercress season begins in May and ends around November each year. Over the winter production moves overseas in order to ensure year-round quality supply.

Q : When does watercress flower?

Watercress is referred to as a long-day (or more accurately short night) flowering plant. This means it takes a reduction in the number of hours of darkness in each 24-hour period to induce flowering. In the UK as we move into the spring watercress starts to flower.Flowers, although perceived as an issue are perfectly edible and do not affect the quality or taste of the watercress. Unlike a lettuce which can become bitter when they run to flower or “bolt”, watercress flowers are delicately peppery and a flowering plant is still delicious.

Q : Why is watercress coming from Spain or Florida?

It is an interesting fact that you can buy watercress grow in Spain and USA and still support British farmers! Since the 1980s we have invested in farms overseas to provide great quality watercress, year round, especially useful during the depth of the winter to keep coughs and colds at bay...a warming bowl of watercress soup or perfect for a January detox. We are British farmer with farms overseas run.... by British farmers. By buying our watercress in the winter you are helping us to stay independent and British. Thanks for the support.

Q : Why is my watercress going yellow?

Watercress needs to be kept cold. Once purchased, place your bag in the coldest part of the fridge and ideally eat on day of purchase to get maximum health and nutritional benefits. If your watercress is starting to turn yellow it's normally due to being kept somewhere too warm or being past its best before.