Steamed fillet of halibut with watercress mousse

Steamed fillet of halibut with watercress mousse

This dish makes a light meal between other courses or can be accompanied by vegetables to make it a bit bigger.


  • ½ pint/285ml stock – preferably vegetable stock

  • 4 leaves gelatine - soak these in cold water for five minutes then heat with the stock in a small pan for a few minutes to liquidise the gelatine

  • 3oz/85g chopped watercress

  • ½ pint/285ml crème fraîche

  • seasoning

  • A dash of tabasco

  • 2 egg whites, plus a pinch of salt

  • 4 good sized fillets of halibut from your local fishmongers

Put cling film liners in four large ramekins. Mix together the chopped watercress and crème fraîche, add the tabasco and season. Create the stock mixture by heating the stock in a small pan and add the gelatine - after its been soaked in cold water. Leave to cool until approaching the point of gelling. Then add this to the watercress mixture and again mix.

Whisk the egg white until stiff - as per soufflé. Then thoroughly mix this through the watercress mixture. Divide between ramekins and refrigerate until ready to serve.

When serving allow an hour for mousse to reach room temperature. Turn out the ramekins on the plates ready. The fish should only take a few minutes in a steamer. The flesh should be firm.

When cooked place the fish on the plate next to the mousse and decorate as desired - chilli flakes, chervil or dill all make great finishing touches.

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