Nature’s First Aid

Rich in Health-Promoting Nutrients

Watercress belongs to a powerhouse group classed as ‘superfoods’ – foods which are especially rich in nutrients, antioxidants or phytochemicals (bioactive plant compounds) – and therefore pack more of a nutritional punch. Of these elite veg, watercress is ranked number one, making it the best of the best for your health.

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Body benefits

Bursting with essential vitamins and minerals, gram for gram, watercress gives you…
– More vitamin C than oranges
– More vitamin E than broccoli
– More calcium than whole milk

Find out more about the nutrients in watercress and how they support a healthy body here [Body Benefits] and click here [Nutritional Analysis] for a full nutritional breakdown.

Here comes the science

Over time scientific studies have revealed more and more about the power of watercress – and it’s compelling stuff. Not only has it been found to reverse signs of ageing in the skin – see Beauty News – research has also highlighted a significant link between watercress and cancer prevention.