It is hoped that participants will not feel hungry between meals, but if they do they can have an extra bowl of watercress soup. If, however, they occasionally want something different, a list of suitable snacks has been provided that will reduce hunger pangs without disrupting the appetite:

Watercress smoothies
2 tbsp. guacamole dip, veg sticks (pepper, cucumber, celery)
Half an avocado
Glass of soya milk
6 Brazil nuts
Handful of mixed unsalted nuts
Handful of mixed nuts and dried fruit
4 dried apricots
3 dried figs
2 heaped tbsp. reduced fat hummus with 4 breadsticks
Pot of low fat fruit yoghurt
Probiotic yogurt drink
4 wholegrain crackers with 2 tbsp. low fat soft cheese
Rice pudding pot
Small bar of dark good quality chocolate
Pot of low fat fruit fromage frais
Gin or vodka with slim-line tonic and handful of olives
Glass or bottle of fruit smoothie
1 glass of red/white wine or bottle of lager
Bag of low fat crisps (baked)
2 scoops of frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries