Watercress Soup Diet Plan

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This version of the Watercress Soup Diet really can help you lose a stone in six weeks and if you are as dedicated as our star dieter, you could even lose as much as 3.5 stone! It has been designed by leading UK nutritionist, Sarah Schenker specifically to help participants lose the maximum amount of weight considered to be safe for health in a six week period. It is a balanced diet and provides all the essential nutrients needed to keep healthy. How much weight is lost will depend on how heavy the person is to begin with and how active they are during the trial. The average daily energy (calorie) intake is 1000 – 1200kcal and should not go below 800kcal.

A recipe for watercress soup is provided and participants should include it in their diet at least four times a week and up to seven times a week. In addition, other recipes are provided that contain watercress and are suitable for lunches and evening meals. There’s no need to eat watercress for breakfast – unless you want to!

A list of suitable, well- balanced breakfasts are provided for participants to choose from each day. These have been specially selected to be high in carbohydrates to keep dieters feeling fuller for longer and so avoiding the need for morning snacks.

If participants have one breakfast, one bowl of watercress soup and one evening meal: Total daily calories 300+ 100+ 400 = 800 kcal.

On top of this (800 kcal) dieters are allowed the following each day: Half a pint of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk for use in tea and coffee. If sugar in drinks is required, please use a sweetener instead – 100kcal.

Two pieces of fruit or another bowl of watercress soup – 100kcal.

It is recommended that the dieter uses the milk and fruit allowance every day to ensure a healthy intake of nutrients, however, if they feel they don’t need an extra snack, this will help maximise their weight loss.